Celebration Day for Successful Shropshire Hills Heartland Project

Heartland Celebration Eflyer

In 2017 three artists opened our eyes to new ways of seeing and understanding our fragile south Shropshire hills landscape. Spectators and participants were given the opportunity to explore and appreciate the history, the stories and the future of this beautiful upland area and understand through the arts what part we humans play in caring for it.

On Saturday 16th September there will be a Heartland Celebration held at Carding Mill Valley, SY6 6JG. All are welcome to come and enjoy these FREE events throughout the day.

Tony Plant will be kicking events off at 11.30am with an ‘Artist Walk & Talk’. Tony Plant is a site specific artist whose multi-disciplinary, ephemeral works are exhibited and recognised globally. Walk with him to see his work on the hillside and then return to the tea rooms to see his sketches and enjoy a talk about how his work and ideas evolve.

Events continue at 7pm when visitors can enjoy and listen outdoors to the songs that Mary Keith has composed, heard in the landscape that inspired them, performed by around 40 singers. There will be a refresher workshop session from 3pm in the education room for anyone who has participated in any of the ongoing Heartland singing workshops over the summer. In addition to this there will also be the ‘Light Path’ event from 7pm onwards where people can watch the coming and goings of runners and walkers as we attempt to film and photograph an illuminated, dynamic response to Tony’s land art as dusk falls.

Heartland Celebrations will take place at Carding Mill Valley, SY6 6JG

Heartland is a partnership project between Arts Alive, The National Trust, Shropshire Hills AONB, Corndon Stiperstones Partnership Project and Ben Osborne Photography.